北京冬奥会未来30天的三件大事:火炬传递、开幕式、赛事运行保障The three major events of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the next 30 days: the torch relay, the opening ceremony, and the guarantee of the event operation
在北京冬奥会迎来开幕倒计时30天之际,北京冬奥组委新闻发言人赵卫东5日介绍说,未来30天,有关北京冬奥会的三项工作备受关注,分别是火种展示和火炬传递活动、开闭幕式等重大仪式和文化活动,以及赛事运行和服务保障工作。At the 30-day countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the spokesperson of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Zhao Weidong said on the 5th that in the next 30 days, three tasks related to the Beijing Winter Olympics will attract attention, namely the fire display and Torch relay activities, opening and closing ceremonies and other major ceremonies and cultural activities, as well as event operation and service guarantee work.赵卫东说:“首先,我们将有序开展火种展示和火炬传递活动。1月上旬我们将在冰雪资源丰富、冰雪运动基础较好的地区,结合各种冰雪体育文化活动继续进行火种展示,2月2-4日将在北京、延庆、张家口三个赛区开展火炬传递活动,这期间共有1200名火炬手参与到活动中。传递路线也是立足我们的冰雪文化、历史文化、长城文化,在其中也会将沿途的自然风光、人文特色和城市风貌呈现给大家。”Zhao Weidong said: “First of all, we will carry out fire display and torch relay activities in an orderly manner. In early January, we will continue the fire display in combination with various ice and snow sports and cultural activities in areas with abundant ice and snow resources and a good foundation for ice and snow sports. In February The torch relay will be carried out in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou on the 2-4th. During this period, a total of 1,200 torchbearers will participate in the activity. The route of the torch relay is also based on our ice and snow culture, history and culture, and the culture of the Great Wall. Present the natural scenery, cultural features and urban features along the way to everyone.”

赵卫东表示,精心组织开闭幕式等重大仪式和文化活动也是冬奥组委接下来的重点工作。目前已经全面开展开闭幕式排练、制作和彩排等工作,全力组织好4场仪式的正式演出。尽管精简了一些不必要的环节,但仍努力呈现出精彩的仪式效果。Zhao Weidong said that the meticulous organization of major ceremonies and cultural activities such as the opening and closing ceremonies is also the next focus of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. At present, the rehearsal, production and dress rehearsal for the opening and closing ceremonies have been fully carried out, and the formal performances of the 4 ceremonies have been fully organized. Although some unnecessary links have been streamlined, they still strive to present a wonderful ritual effect.
同时,赵卫东介绍说,他们还精心布置场馆和城市形象景观,开展系列冬奥主题活动、城市文化活动和群众冰雪活动等,让大家感受到身边浓厚的冬奥氛围。At the same time, Zhao Weidong said that they also carefully arranged venues and urban image landscapes, carried out a series of Winter Olympic theme activities, urban cultural activities and mass ice and snow activities, so that everyone could feel the strong Winter Olympic atmosphere.“最后,全面做好赛事运行和服务保障工作也是我们北京冬奥组委工作的重要内容。为此,我们建立了高效的赛时运行指挥体系,按照竞赛日程妥善做好场馆运行和竞赛组织工作,严格落实闭环管理等疫情防控要求,全面做好住宿、餐饮、医疗等赛会服务保障,努力为各方提供良好参赛体验。同时,我们将会扎实做好赛事转播和信息传播工作,向全球展示冬奥会和冬残奥会盛况。”赵卫东说。“Finally,a comprehensive implementation of event operation and service support is also an important part of the work of our Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. For this reason, we have established an efficient game-time operation command system, and properly performed venue operation and competition organization work in accordance with the competition schedule. Strictly implement closed-loop management and other epidemic prevention and control requirements, comprehensively provide accommodation, catering, medical and other competition service guarantees, and strive to provide a good competition experience for all parties. At the same time, we will solidly do a good job in event broadcasting and information dissemination to the world Show the grand occasion of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.” Zhao Weidong said.


“China is ready,” said Zhao in the interview. “We have been in close cooperation with the IOC, IPC and relevant parties in coordinating pandemic prevention and control and pushing forward the preparations. So far, everything goes smoothly. We are ready!”


As Zhao introduced, Beijing 2022 venues and relative infrastructures are completed as scheduled and well-operated, withstanding the tests of pre-homologation and test events. A comprehensive service and support system has been put in place with high-tech applications including 5G and cloud computing.

赵卫东强调,中国承诺举办“简单、安全、精彩”的奥运会,其中安全是首要任务,安全奥运会面临的最大挑战是新冠疫情。他说:“如果不能做好疫情防控,冬奥会的成功是不可能实现的。” “我们一直非常关注疫情,尤其是奥密克戎的变种。我们正在监测和评估最新的情况,并分析它对北京2022年奥运会和残奥会的影响。”

Zhao underline China’s commitment to host a ‘simple, safe and splendid’ Games, among which safety is the top priority, and the biggest challenge to a safe Games is the COVID-19 pandemic. “A successful Games is not possible without COVID-19 prevention and control,” he said. “We have been paying great attention to how the pandemic evolves, especially the Omicron variant. We are monitoring and evaluating the latest situation, and analyzing how it would affect the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”


赵卫东还说,“精彩纷呈的奥运会是我们的目标,也一定会实现。” 此外,“这是世界在长期经受住 COVID 挑战之后所需要的结果。”

The spokesperson went on to say that “a splendid Games is our goal and a result that is sure to come.” In addition, “it is what the world needs after withstanding the COVID challenges for so long.”

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